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Try to cook at home Italian spaghetti Carbonara, learn how to prepare this Italian famous dish looking at this video, where the Michelin starred chef Giancarlo Perbellini shows you all the ingredients and steps of the Carbonara recipe

Are looking for the original Carbonara recipe? Would you like to prepare this Italian first course to your family and friends? Here you can find all the information you need to prepare this creamy pasta for 4 persons, that is pretty easy and fast to cook and with a low cost. In the video Giancarlo starts his recipe slicing 150 g of smoked jowl bacon and cooking them in a pan with a knob of butter. In the meanwhile, he cooks 360 g of spaghetti in salted boiling water and prepare the carbonara sauce mixing 2 full egg and 1 yolk with 70 g of parmesan or pecorino cheese, pepper and 50 ml of broth. When spaghetti are cooked (9 min usually), he drain them and mix all together with the bacon and carbonara sauce.

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