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How to make a tiramisu? In this video you will find the best tiramisu cake recipe, with all the steps and tips to prepare at home this iconic Italian dessert based on these ingredients: eggs, ladyfingers biscuits, coffee and chocolate

Tiramisu is one of the most famous Italian dessert, is easy and it includes the preparation of a whipped mixture of eggs, that will be layered with savoiardi biscuits (or ladyfinger) soaked in the coffee and garnished with chocolate or cocoa powder. Recipe in a glance: preparation time 30 min, cooking time 5 min, cost low, difficulty easy, calories per serving 550 kcal. Main ingredients: 300 ml of coffee (no sugar), 300 g of ladyfinger biscuits or similar, 500 g of mascarpone, 6 eggs (3 whole eggs and 3 yolks), 200 g of sugar, 70 ml of water. Main steps: boil the water with the sugar, break 3 eggs and 3 yolk in the bowl and whip, pour the hot sweetened water (121 °C) in the bowl while whipping machine is working, mix mascarpone with the eggs, assemble the tiramisu, spreading a first layer of egg cream, covered by ladyfinger soaked in the coffee and then again place another layer of cream above, sprinkle with chocolate flakes or cocoa powder, leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours

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