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Do you know how to prepare pasta alla carbonara? In this video you can find the recipe to make carbonara sauce, showing the steps to cook this famous Italian pasta recipe, containing eggs and jowl and cheese

The most famous Italian pasta in the world, you can’t miss the spaghetti alla Carbonara, Roman recipe that combine a creamy egg sauce with pecorino cheese and pepper. Giancarlo Perbellini, shows you the main steps and tips to prepare the best pasta alla Carbonara. Recipe in a glance, preparation time 15 min, cooking time 10 min, cost low, difficulty easy, calories per serving 650 k calories. Main ingredients: 360g of spaghetti, 3 slices of smoked jowl bacon 150 g, 70 g of Parmesan cheese, 50 ml of vegetable broth, 3 eggs, a knob of butter, black pepper, a handful of salt. The main steps are: cutting the bacon and brown it with butter in a pan, add salt to boiling water and cook the pasta, prepare carbonara sauce, breaking 2 full eggs and 1 yolk and mixing it with parmesan (or pecorino) cheese, pepper and broth, drain spaghetti and add them in the pan with the bacon, pouring a ladle of cooking water to amalgamate all together, put out the fire, add the egg sauce and stir all together

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