Video SEO is the new trend to increase awareness and visibility in the SERPs


The automation of Luxyfer's SEO allows you to reach the new and coveted web marketing content made available by Google: the "Video Rich Snippet" in the SERPs.



Our innovative software automates the definition and injections of SEO parameters for videos, following guidelines.

Our algorithm automatically injects in video contents several inputs, including meta tags, structured data, SEO properties, mark up, making this operation fast and accurate.







Luxyfer SEO algorithm is the best solution for marketers
to automatically target the huge amount of specific and unpopular searches
that manually would be impossible to manage.


With our service your company can oversee the full range of queries,
from the most relevant one to the most unpopular, ensuring a high organic coverage on SERP.




of all searches are popular, with at least 10+ searches per month

Iceberg queries seo

of all the searches are unpopular and peculiar, get less than 10 searches per month

Iceberg long tail queries video seo


Why do we focus on video?

Nowadays video have a huge communication potential and represent the best marketing content to engage and convert people if compared to any other media. In the different stages of marketing funnel, video can add value to the brand:

Video Seo player
Google rewards video
content more than text.
Long-tail queries convert more
Long-tail queries
convert more.
Local Video Seo serp
Local results are normally
long tail queries.
Voice searches Video Seo
Voice searches are
How to start the SERP climbing

To climb SEO ranking with your videos, we follow these phases:


Definition of the goals of your digital campaign

Definition of the goals of your digital campaign

It’s key to understand the goals of your marketing campaign and related video and resources.
Inputs collection

Inputs collection

We need two main inputs from our clients:
  • the video to be optimized
  • main queries and keywords that our clients prefer
Calibration and Optimization

Calibration and Optimization

Luxyfer algorithm is calibrated according to client inputs and elaborates the video content, enriching its SEO properties. This operation makes the video ready for the search engine climbing (est. time 2 months). 
Ongoing performance optimization 

Ongoing performance optimization 

We monitor traffic performances of our videos and continuously improve them to achieve the best position of the SERP. 


Monipolize Google SERP adding video seo
to sea paid campaign!


Luxyfer optimization is the perfect way to get a unique and extremely powerfull awareness of your target audience. No other tool can create such a perfect combination with Google Ads Paid campaigns. These combined push and pull activities enable brand exposure which is worths the 5th Avenue of digital world, Google results page!

Paid campaign + Video Seo

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