Video Strategy: Paid vs Organic?
No, Paid + Organic

04.11.2020 Mattia De Nadai
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Is Video SEO Equal to Youtube SEO?


What are the main macro strategies I have to use if I want people to watch my videos? What do I have to do to spend my marketing budget well in order to get the best of every euro I invest?

You have to tools: paid advertising and organic communication.

Paid adv consists in spending money to pay the platform owner to display my product when people are enjoying something else. It’s a typical push strategy, which grabs the attention of a user who is looking for something else than my product. 

Organic adv works in the shadow, it’s more subtle but closer to individual interest. Why? Because it works in affinity with what a user is interested in. It means your investment would consist in enriching your content bucket in quantity and quality.

So what’s the best? The answer is: there’s no winner.

If you combine these two technics you probably obtain the best results: you get the attention of users showing your brand, even if they’re surfing the web for all the reasons but to purchase your items; and you intercept also users who are now looking to be inspired for their next purchase. 

As we all know video is working efficiently in all the steps of the marketing funnel. It inspires, explains, gives answers, raises curiosity and gives answers.

Our solution fits perfectly with any marketing and video strategy. Paid is the advertising, video organic seo is the glue that keeps everything together.
When you are about to plan to boost your online video visibility you can:

  1. Create paid media campaigns within a video platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch.
  2. Invest some budget to buy paid video formats within social networks.
  3. Pay influencers to spread good words on your products.
  4. Leverage Luxyfer algorithm that adds hundreds of attributes to your content so that search engines will prioritize it when users actively look for it.

It’s not a matter of deciding one or another. The more tactics you combine together the more you interact with future-buyers with the most fitting tool close to their attitude.

Our video seo service provides an incredible exposure and visibility to your videos, exactly when users are looking for it.

For example, if a user is typing keywords to learn how to invest in bitcoin and the first video result appears as a video rich snippet on the top of the page, his attention will most likely focus on it and you, as a brand, will seize that “attention opportunity”.

Do you gain more attention and possibility to succeed when you give flyers indistinctively to people who stroll the sidewalk or when a person gets closer to your stand-point to ask for further information? Think about that! None excludes the other, the more you differentiate the higher chance you have to win.