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07.17. 2020 Mattia De Nadai
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It’s been said that a video is worth 1,000 images (or more?) and worldwide industries have surfed and exploited this psyco-cognitive fact. Hollywood productions, politics rallies and education system are the main players who understood users crave for magical and interactive contents, and every day more try to optimize their video communication to tell the perfect story to the core audience.

On the internet things are moving very fast in this segment of contents and search engines are boosting video productions and spots directly on the result pages of theirs, also known as SERP.

Luxyfer mixed two game changers like huge video content growth throughout the web and the incredible power of data to create a semi artificial intelligence system that optimizes your video(s) to be displayed on the most popular search engines worldwide.

We thought of creating a model which includes and exploits video + data + user intent + artificial intelligence.

We already talked about that in other articles. Leveraging technology traits and data intelligence it’s possible to exponentially optimize the potential of any video content boosting digital presence, bringing search engines to display your video above all other competitors, while users look for contents. And this optimization doesn’t simply work within a specific video platform (like YouTube) but cross platforms and cross-environment. Google is boosting contents independently by which platform or system it’s contained into.

About AI we could write and talk along but in the next words we’d like to give a glance to it with a simple and concrete example.

One of our clients, a major financial trading platform, asked us to work on their video content that was already been uploaded on Youtube and leveraged 17 attributes that have been automatically recognized to it. These characteristics are the ones utilized by platforms algorithms to rank contents. The more details (traits) your video has the more it will be indexed among results. 

Thanks to our technology we uploaded the same video on our website and optimizing its proprieties we were able to elaborate 155 traits!

This is very important because as we said, information and attributes which stand below the line, on the technical layer behind the content, are key factors to raise the opportunity to be seen.

Luxyfer works deeply on the background of your video layer in order to give information to the search engines to evaluate it with a very positive ranking.

Adding very detailed data the SE sniffers find a lot of micro information that match with every-day-longer queries users search for.

This has been explained also on “my click are better that yours” article. 

If a user has clear ideas of what he’s looking for, he will tell it to the search bar; Google understands it and will skim all contents the user would be most interested in.  If a video has only few generic attributes it will be superficially analyzed and probably would be averagely indexed. I mean, one of many. And among strong competition is not easy to emerge. 

Instead, if a person types exactly what he’s looking for and the Search algorithm has plenty of micro traits to look up to, once he scan your video will have incredibly more tools to match it with user will.

17 in Youtube vs 155 by Luxyfer technology says a lot....

Luxyfer elaborates deeply your content and this power is a real booster to your digital presence and competition, organically! Conquer video seo podium on serp results, it’s the number one showcase of every digital square and market!