Video Content to boost traffic?

14.02.2021 Mattia De Nadai
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Is Video SEO Equal to Youtube SEO?


Digital marketers know how to boost traffic to their websites. Text link, site link, banners and native ads are some of the tools each traffic generation manager usually use. Traditionally video contents are placed on the top of the marketing funnel, useful to tell a story and thrust the brand name into users’ heads. What if it’s be possible to create a scalable structure of videos that organically generates thousands of qualified traffic to my website?  

Users take decisions on information they get about an item, and videos tell millions of things more than a text. Hence If I can show potential purchasers my video content I’d get their attention onto my products instead of my competitors’? Yes. If you are able to injects thousands of meta data and meta tag into your video contents to convince Google algorithm that this video is worth a video rich snippet on top, the battle is won. But how long would it take to manually elaborate your contents, to analyse millions of keywords and search trends? A lot. 


What Luxyfer technology is able to do, is incredibly powerful and fast. You choose your video hosted in your website pages, and Luxyfer technology boosts it for the best keywords you and your business is interested in, and in few weeks you’d see the first results.

We know how to use video to generate visibility (brand awareness) and traffic to your pages and our engine can “manage” a video to be powerful all along the marketing funnel.


If you pass tens of footages and videos into Luxyfer seo optimization machine, your website would get a sprint of traffic coming from organic results on google pages. As the time passes, your video reputation and centricity would grow and grow, giving your brand and your products a strong reputation and efficacy.


If a user look for a product for any reason and google shows him a feature snippet of your video content, you have incredibly high possibilities that that user would land to the page where your Luxyfer-elaborated video is hosted and the game is made!