The importance of being SEO friendly. Give Cesar what Cesar wants

20.05.2020 Mattia De Nadai SEO 

People desire things. Consumers purchase dreams. Nothing is stronger than willing.

This is not a philosophical lesson but we always have to analyse phenomenons from a zoomed-out prospective.

Digital marketing works the same.

Companies invest billions to show their products to internet surfers. They try to create a need to people, to modify their perception of what is fundamental in their lives…often it works fine.

But as one of the growth hacking theory well explains it’s important to spot already-shaped desires (customers?) and give them what they have already chosen as important. Keep the dream real, isn’t it?

If we look at the standard marketing funnel we notice that most of the times marketers focus their strengths on top brand awareness stage (I want all galaxy’s citizens know my product) and on lowest conversion-oriented phase (I bombard you with millions of advertising till you collapse and buy my item).

But the magic happens in the between.

Central “consideration/engagement” phase is key; it enables you to drag individuals who noticed your product to convert but maybe you don’t get that great part of them need more to be convinced.

SEO is one of the activity that accomplish this task.

Luxyfer understood that providing users qualitative contents and information they need guarantees much higher conversion rate.

And what’s most engaging full-on-information emotional content? VIDEO.

Optimizing video content allows you to be the first one to be displayed when I user looks for something. Many times this wannabe purchasers is still not sure of what brand trust of but he’s sure he needs that kind of item (dream is already thrusted in his mind).

So let’s work to give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar!

Let’s make an example, I’m sure it happened to you as well:

I know I need a powerbank, because I always struggle to make my smartphone power last at least till noon (frustrating, I know).

I open a search engine and type: best power bank for smartphone.

If in the first results I notice a video of xxx company, I’m probably motivated to watch it to gather details of their best-in-class power bank.

As we always are in a hurry and we are in a state of anxiety to get in done as soon as possible, I’m far more inclined to put attention to it and convince myself it’s the best I can have.

Video seo is an incredible multiplier of convincement towards a choice.

It content is qualitative and characteristics well-explained there are high probabilities within the next minutes I will purchase it… and if I won’t, for sure my subconscious mind will remember positively the brand image. Maybe I will buy something else the next month.

Just to recap, paid media activities are fine and useful in the overall marketing strategy, but at some stages of the funnel it doesn’t provide what the user needs to take action. Luxyfer thinks it’s fundamental to work on the seed that an individual already planted in his brain, and give him/her the solution, my solution.

Video SEO enriches and amplify the whole marketing funnel: SEO leverages the pull action, video gives the ultimate flick to the goal!