My Clicks are better than yours

07.05.2020 Mattia De Nadai Video | Seo
My clicks are better than yours

I want it that way...exactly that way… 

We all know what we want. I always dreamt that type of car, makeup, drink, furniture or specific service. I’ve been told that that product is perfect for my case or I exactly know my need for my issue; and when I have something in mind I’m aware of all details and characteristics of the thing I’m willing to get. I want that, not something roughly similar. 

This happens in all of your daily lives, specifically when we surf the web searching for something we are intentioned to get. Technologies are taking giant steps forward in these times and search engines are the containers of all our questions and needs, ready to lead us to our “dreams”. 

An interesting book, written few years ago, states and demonstrates how Search Engine bar is the only and exclusively place in which each and every person of the world is really sincere! This makes you think, ain’t it? 

Anyway, let’s do an example. 

I saw a beautiful t-shirt that a person was wearing in a restaurant and I’m intentioned to look for it online. What do I do? I search for it on Google search bar. 

CASE A > I type: “female t-shirt” or “long t-shirt” 

By doing so, what I would get are thousands (millions?) of t-shirts, most of which are very very different from what I was looking for. This would cost me a lot of time to look them up and very few possibilities to find the right one. This would get me upset, and I don’t like that feeling. I want to by happy with my new very-trending t-shirt. 


CASE B > I type: ”red and white stripes female long t-shirt” 

By doing so I would be address to items and/or images of t-shirts very similar to what I have in mind. I would be excited because I smell I’m near my goal and ,in few seconds, I will spot the right one. 

Maybe 1,000 users typed the string A, only 10 users typed the string B but…which case has the highest opportunity the user purchases the item? 


Luxyfer click is not “a click”… it’s “the click” 

Let’s now go back to business from a digital marketing point of view 

With the example above what we wanted to highlight is that often getting few specific and very targeted visits to your shop/website is extremely more powerful than many of unwilling or differently-intentioned users. 

Imagine that you want to invest a bunch of money in advertising and you’ve been told to spend it within search engine ecosystem. How would you choose the right strategy? 

You case choose some generic keywords and “bid on them”. It’s results in collecting a fistful of clicks, part of which coming from people potentially not interested in your product because they were searching for something else. 

Even worse if you decide to bid on branded keyword (your competitor name or product). You could gather a speck of new visibility paying a lot for each click… but I want a Ferrari and it displays a Ford, it’s not the same, same viceversa…You could even get backlashes to your brand. 

With the increasing sophistication of online searches and the massive attention big tech company are putting on voice search, it demonstrates that long searches/phrases are everyday more utilized by people. 

As Luxyfer we focus on the quality of clicks, not quantity. Our unique and incredible proposition brings the right user in front of the right product, exactly what he’s searching for. It’s not a matter of how many clicks I get through my SEM action, but it’s important the power of every single exposure or view. 

Our technology puts your brand and your video on a super powerful showcase (SERP) that laser-chooses users who are looking that exact product or service. 

It’s a matter of precision and perfection. It’s better 1 juicy and tasty apple than a basket of rotten fruits, right?