Luxyfer: a game changer for small business awareness

07.03.2021 Andrea Perbellini
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Is Video SEO Equal to Youtube SEO?


Luxyfer is not only an elite solution but it can also become a fundamental driver for the online presence of the SME business. Often, in the Google SERPs, it is difficult to undermine larger competitors from the positioning in the SERP due to: organic traffic, generated backlinks, the possibility of investing in PUSH-type digital advertising activities and, obviously, in more organized sectors of SEO specialists. 


Luxyfer could therefore be their Game Changer: having a video on the front page like the giants provides a great support to brand awareness and competition within the SERPs arena -  it’s certainly a goal that many aspire to. 


There is a fundamental point to remember though: Google is democratic. Luxyfer's positioning is due to the optimization totally in line with the parameters suggested by BigG in the guidelines; but with the same optimization and web page structure, the difference in SERP ranking will always be made by the contents and how they respond to the search needs of users: Google targets. 


The composition of the SERPs even with the video element within the various "Rich Snippets" is an opportunity not to be missed, especially for players who have less chance of achieving these results for the reasons mentioned above. 


Finally, the Luxyfer method for automating optimization, which improves organic positioning, is differential and unique with respect to competitors; but on the business side, the real difference is linked to the speed and reactivity with which they will adopt this solution, integrating it 100% into the marketing mix.