How searches have been changed
during last years

07.21.2020 Mattia De Nadai Video Seo Search Engine



In 1991 the world’s first website was launched and it represents a key milestone in the way of using and enhancing our general knowledge.

Since then we started to interact with a virtual place call “internet” to look for information and to submit our questions, making these activities easier than ever. 

The evolution of the internet and the technologies improvements have resulted in advanced result pages, more accurate and compliant to our inquiries then ever. In this context people have changed their habits, passing from typing just few and short keywords to more conversational and long search queries, which allow them to ask more pointed, specific, and personally relevant questions about the topic or products they are interested in. Now people get answers quickly and efficiently, becoming more confident with search engines as they provide exactly what people are looking for. 

According to “thinkwithgoogle” in the last years we found a rise in searches for needs specific to an individual and in parallel with a natural language in a manner reminiscent of asking for advice.

“Two years ago, people were more inclined to use simple, utilitarian search queries to find what they were looking for, typically typing in the service or product and little else. Today, in addition to those utilitarian searches, we are seeing search questions that are becoming more specific and conversational. And this is happening across a variety of categories.”


This new paradigm shows that people are submitting longer “sentence-like” questions, seeking advices on the web to solve their needs. Indeed, consumers are growing their ability and confidence with technology, making them more inclined to use natural language. For this reason, in addition to “easy win” keywords, businesses should think beyond those to consider more conversational phrases that customers might be using to find you.