Best way to cover long-tail queries

25.01.2021 Andrea Perbellini
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Is Video SEO Equal to Youtube SEO?


Most of the investments in SERPs are allocated on Search Paid campaigns. These are mainly focused on showing the contents of a specific marketing campaign for those queries that are massively searched on a monthly level. If, for example, for a viral campaign it could be the correct solution, you decide not to impact the main cluster of search queries, that is, the one made up of very few searched queries. 


The analysis developed by Ahrefs shows us how 98.5% of the search volume is made up of a set of keywords searched for very little per month: 92.5% are queries with less than 10 monthly searches! 


The main explanation of this can refer to 2 main factors: the increasingly strong ability of Google to respond to the knowledge needs of a customer, without entering the site's content, through increasingly self-explanatory snippets and the great diffusion of voice searches. 


The distribution of the research volume, therefore, is strongly biased towards increasingly specific and unpopular questions, as shown by the pie chart below:


Volume distribuition of search queries

The use of the video rich snippet, as main tool to cover the organic of long and complex queries is the winning key used by Luxyfer: the video element will be pivotal in marketing campaigns and Luxyfer fits it to the SEO strategy, with an automatic tool, which allows the automatic coverage of contents that would not be manageable with manual monitoring. 


The mix between Video and Long-Tail queries is therefore important and decisive as elements that, when suitably combined, allow to occupy slots not reachable through classic SEO strategies.