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Five Simple but Effective Ways Suggested by the World Health Organization on How to Prepare for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from it

The World Health Organization, together with many other country ministries of health, has given out the easiest yet most effective ways in order to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and protect ourselves and our fellow citizens: here are some simple rules every one of us needs to follow. First, we need to wash our hands frequently, with soap and running water, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Second, when we sneeze, we should cover our mouths and noses with flexed elbow, or a tissue. Third, we need to make sure to keep distance between ourselves and other people, for a minimum of three feet. Fourth, we need to disinfect surfaces, tools and objects as often as possible. Last, but not least, we should avoid touching our faces, especially eyes, nose and mouth