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COVID-19, known as "Coronavirus", is a serious threat and has been classified by the World Health Organization as "Pandemic"; preventing contagion with WHO recommended precautions is essential

COVID-19 is an emergency on a global scale. There will be no countries spared and each individual should comply with the indications provided by the World Health Organization to reduce the risk of contagion and not to weigh down the health system of each country of origin. Luxyfer wants to use its technology to spread the WHO message all over the world. There are 5 tips that if followed will reduce the transmission of the disease: wash and sanitize your hands often, how to cover your nose and mouth in case of coughing and sneezing, minimum social safety distance, often disinfect everyday objects and avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes. To understand the global impact of this virus, avoid fake news and unofficial data, always referring to official sources that are monitoring the number of infections, healings and deaths worldwide