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Video SEO automation company Luxyfer is the only video SEO technology that allows user videos to be shown on the top of search engine results for a great number of queries, especially long tail keywords, thanks to the injection of hundreds of meta data

Video SEO automation company Luxyfer has developed a video SEO technology that injects hundreds of meta data on the videos uploaded on its platform, so they result highly optimized for search engine crawlers. This video SEO solution is especially precious for tackling a great number of long tail queries, in the number of hundreds or thousands of queries optimized. Long tail queries are the ones that convert the most and are increasing in number especially thanks to local and voice searches. Our video SEO automation solution boosts videos on top of Google searches, many of which get rewarded with rich snippets, something that manually would be impossible to do for a high number of queries. Contact us and read about our success stories.