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Sky map online. The sky poster for a gift in three printed sizes. Download your custom star map as seen from a place and a time of your choice. An original personal present with thousands of stars, the moon and the planets on Greaterskies.

Buying sky map online is the best way to get a special present for anniversaries. Precious digital star maps like your map are as special as the moment behind it and with Greaterskies you can get it quickly. Create your custom map of the stars as seen from a place and a time of your choice, the sky over moments worth preserving. Great as a newborn's keepsake present, showing the first sky over the child, as a birthday present or as a personalized wedding gift. There are many important occasions to celebrate magical moments, maybe the sky as it was when you met? Heaven as it was when your daughter was born. The sky as it was on your child's graduation day. Our service gives you the option of express mail that makes quick delivery possible, and also gives you much more options in the design of the star map. Original personalized star map, the stars as a gift.

Get your Star Map on your special Day