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Feminine Mist for proper hygiene is the best feminine wash for smell, moisturiser for intimate area and ph care intimate wash, odor protection, prevention of UTI in females with intimate spray deodorant for intimate areas by Beauty Library

Skin whitening for private parts, fresh, clean and odor free, Feminine Mist is a vegan product for proper hygiene, the only feminine spray that is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and pH-balanced all at the same time. It is doctor recommended and tested safe to use even for sensitive skin, lady care intimate hygiene specialized it helps to prevent UTI and this is a good solution and keep your private are refresh. This feminine mist is a good product and doesn't give a harm to your delicate area. Perfect for daily use anytime, anywhere to feel fresh all day. The Feminine Mist comes in two variants, the French Rose which I have and has a rosy scent, the other one is the Green Tea which comes in a mint color tube. The products contain antioxidant properties, maintains optimal pH-balance of the vaginal flora naturally. The best feminine wash for odor by Beauty Library.

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