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Ambient techno music, Stone Leaf Project is intelligent dance music and instrumental electronic music with machine automation, drum solo and creative innovation of the invented instruments blends contemporary experimental electronic language

Pietro Luca Congedo is a multi-instrumentalist and soloist percussionist on the international scene, producer and interpreter of electronic and contemporary music. The Stone Leaf project is immersed in techno and ambient music, science and sound experimentation, technology and analog music, it represents the concept of coexistence of opposites and investigates the relationship between matter, man and machine through a Renaissance approach to the contamination of language: the investigation of pre-existing states, form in form. Nothing is new. Mix and confuse everything, like wanting to undo and flatten all those “elitist” distinctions between forms and genres of art: “contaminate”. The Stone Leaf project blends contemporary experimental electronic language with the underground / IDM.

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